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Call for Papers

The Scientific Programme Committee of the ESMRMB kindly thanks you for submitting abstracts to the ESMRMB 2015 Meeting

Abstract submission closed!
Thank you very much for your contributions!

Abstract Submission Extended Deadline: May 6, 2015 (24:00 CEST)

Please click on the link below to login to your abstract submission account:

Abstract Categories

Three broad categories of proffered communications will be considered:
  • Scientific Session communications
  • Clinical Review Poster Session communications
  • Software Exhibit communications

Scientific Session communications refer to original studies dealing with clinical applications, with preclinical topics or with basic science.

Clinical Review Poster Session communications reger to case reports and small clincial series, to clinical and pictorial reviews, and to the illustration of novel MR solutions to clinical challenges.

Software Exhibit communications refer to non-commerical software packages managing MR data. These software exhibits will be presented at a dedicated Software Exhibit Room.


Abstract Formats

1. Scientific Session communciations

Abstracts must be limited to 400 words and structured as follows:

  • Porpuse/Introduction
  • Subjects and Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion/Conclusion
  • References

2. Clinical Review Poster Session communications

Abstracts must be limited to 400 words and structured as follows:

  • Introduction
  • Cases
  • Discussion
  • References

3. Software Exhibit communications

Abstracts must be limited to 400 words and structured as follows:

  • Purpose of the software
  • Methods/Implemenation/Hardware requirements
  • Features illustrated at the Exhibit


Presentation Formats

1. Scientific Session communications

During submission, authors can choose between the following presentation formats:

  • Oral preferred
  • Poster preferred - electronic (EPOSTM) poster preferred
  • Poster preferred - traditional (paper) poster preferred
  • Poster only - electronic (EPOSTM) poster preferred
  • Poster only - traditional (paper) poster preferred

Oral Presentations

Presentations can only be made by using PC projection. Speakers must deliver their presentations in the following format to the "Preview Centre" onsite in Edinburgh: PowerPoint for PC, on Flashdrive (USB-Stick). Slide presentation as well as presentation from zip disk, laptop or Macintosh wil not be possible!

2. Clincial Review Poster Session communications

A sinlge presentation format will be provided for this category of proffered communications:

  • Traditional (paper) poster only

In addition you will also be requested to upload a PDF file of your paper poster into the EPOSTM database for archiving purposes.

3. Software Exhibit communications

Presenters are expected to bring their software - on their own computer - to the desk allocated to them in the Software Exhibit room and to present it to the ESMRMB attendees during the meeting. There will be specific timeslots allocated to each presentation during which desk attendance will be mandatory.

In addition you are requested to display a paper poster explaining your software onsite at the Software Exhibit. You will also be requested to upload your paper poster (PDF) into the EPOSTM database.

Poster & Poster Awards

While the Edinburgh Meeting will feature a traditional (paper) poster area, poster presentations wil be based primarily on EPOSTM, the Electroinic Presentation Online System. 

There will be specific meet-the-author timeslots allocated to each poster during which attendance of the presenter will be mandatory. All posters qualify for the "Lightning Talks" organised during the Meeting.

Poster Awards

Both electronic and paper posters (of all abstract categories) will be reviewed by the Scientific Programme Committee and ten Poster Awards will eventually be granted (1 Magna Cum Laude, 2 Cum Laude, 7 Certificates of Merit) during the Closing Ceremony and Awards Session at the end of the Meeting.

For paper poster to qualify for the poster awards a PDF of the paper poster has to be uploaded in the EPOSTM database by mid-August.


Abstract Submission Deadline

All abstracts have to be submitted electronically via

Please observe the deadline to ensure the evaluation of your submission. Late submissions and/or submissions by fax will not be considered.

Abstract withdrawl

If you decide to withdraw your abstract after the abstract deadline, you have to inform the ESMRMB office in writing.


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