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Highlights of ESMRMB 2015

Opening Ceremony
Thursday, October 1, 9:10–10:20
Sir Peter Mansfield Lecture

Exciting moments in scientific research:
From 31P NMR of live cells to revealing order in tissues
by double-quantum filtered NMR

   G. Navon, Tel Aviv/IL

Plenary Sessions
Thursday, October 1, 2015, 10:30–12:00
MR techniques for lung imaging
(in collaboration with IWPFI*)

Hyperpolarised gas imaging of the lung
   G. Parraga, London/CA
Pulmonary perfusion imaging

   M. Schiebler, Madison/USA
Pulmonary diffusion imaging

   H.-U. Kauczor, Heidelberg/DE

Friday, October 2, 2015, 09:10–10:40
Multiparametric, quantitative MR in cancer:
Does it make a difference?

Functional MRI in oncology: basic principles and rationale
   F. De Keyzer, Leuven/BE
Application in breast cancer
   P. Baltzer, Jena/DE
Application in prostate cancer
   J. Futterer, Nijmegen/NL

Saturday, October 3, 2015, 09:10–10:40
MRI: The virtual laboratory
Virtual autopsy in children - Is it time for wide scale clinical use?
   A. Taylor, London/UK
The virtual physiological human
   D. Lacroix, Sheffield/UK
The brain control interface

Friday, October 2, 15:40–17:10
How to build a clinical protocol

Expert: MR physics – the basis of a protocol
   J. Bittoun, Paris/FR
Expert: Cardiac protocols
   S. Dymarkowski, Leuven/BE
Expert: Musculoskeletal protocols
   R. Kapper, Groningen/NL

Hot Topic Debate
Friday, October 2, 17:20–18:20
MR in acute stroke - a waste of time?

C. Oppenheim, Paris/FR
Opponent: M. Söderman, Stockholm/SE

Roundtable Discussion
Saturday, October 3, 17:20–18:20
Incidental findings

A. van der Lugt, Rotterdam/NL
Panellists: A. Jackson, Manchester/UK

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