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Teaching Programme

Teaching Programme
Thursday, October 1
Relaxometry (Basic)

SE-based Relaxometry
M. Weigel, Basel/CH
GRE-based Relaxometry
J. Leupold, Freiburg/DE

Assessment of myocardial tissue changes (Advanced)

Challenges in ischemic myocardial injury
C. Bucciarelli-Ducci, Bristol/UK
Differentiating acute from chronic myocardial injury
D. O h-Ici, Berlin/DE

MR applications in chest diseases
(in collaboration with IWPFI*)

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Y. Ohno, Kobe/JP
Lung cancer
J. Biederer, Darmstadt/DE
Imaging cystic fibrosis with multi-nuclear lung MRI
J. Wild, Sheffield/UK

Basics of MR Spectroscopy (Basic)

Where it begins - physical basis of MRS
C. Boesch, Bern/CH
The rising of MRS - applications and limitations in vivo
F. Schick, Tübingen/DE
The return of NMR spectroscopy - applications in vitro

Susceptibility and phase imaging (Advanced)

Biophysical mechanisms of phase contrast in the human brain
J. Marques, Lausanne/CH
Processing phase data from array coils
S. Robinson, Vienna/AT
From phase to QSM
A. Deistung, Jena/DE

Friday, October 2
Trauma imaging: Imaging of blood (Basic)
MR characteristics of hemorrhage –
the neuroradiologist´s perspective
D. Petersen, Lübeck/DE
MR characteristics of blood – the physicist´s perspective
A. Petrovic, Graz/AT

Advanced MR of the knee joint (Advanced)
Complex tears of the menisci
The postero-lateral corner of the knee joint
C. Muhle, Vechta/DE

MR angiography of carotid arteries
and intracranial circulation (Basic)
Non-CE MRA techniques
A. Ringelstein, Essen/DE
How to perform CE MRA - tips and tricks
G. Roditi, Glasgow/UK
Plaque imaging of carotid bifurcation and intracranial arteries
T. Saam, Munich/DE

Brain connectivity (Advanced)
Functional brain connectivity
M. Walter, Magdeburg/DE
Structural brain connectivity
A. Leemans, Utrecht/NL
The Human Connectome
D. Edwards, London/UK

Saturday, October 3
Perfusion image processing (Advanced)

Post processing of contrast agent based perfusion methods
A. Morell, Uppsala/SE
Post processing of non-invasive perfusion methods
M. Van Osch, Leiden/NL

Postmortem MRI (Basic)

Postmortem MRI of the brain

C. Langkammer, Graz/AT
Postmortem cardiac MR - the forensic's perspective
C. Jackowski, Bern/CH
Postmortem MR imaging of the fetus, infant and child
A. Taylor, London/UK

Applications and challenges in highfield MRI (Advanced)

Highfield MRI today - an overview

R. Bowtell, Nottingham/UK
Applications of highfield MRI
B. Turner, Amsterdam/NL
Challenges of highfield MRI
P. Morris, Nottingham/UK


Brain MR imaging ageing and neurodegeneration (Basic)

Age related brain changes
M. Vernooij, Rotterdam/NL
S. Haller, Geneva/CH
Movement disorders
D. Auer, Nottingham/UK

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