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Industry-sponsored Symposia

Thursday, October 1

Translating MRI research power  into clinical care
Session titles/speakers to be announced

Fintry, level 3

State of the art MR acquisitions and post-processing

Advanced 3T MR clinical solutions and Research collaboration perspectives

Alexandru Cernicanu, PhD
Toshiba Medical Systems Europe B.V., 
the Netherlands

Advanced Neuro MR at 3T including  non-contrast angio and CEST-Zapped
Yasutaka Fushimi, MD, PhD
Kyoto University, Japan

Advanced MR post-processing clinical solutions.
Towards quantitative MR  with IVIM and other advanced methods
Timothé Boutelier, PhD
Bruno Traire
Olea Medical, France

Sidlaw, level 3

Friday, October 2

Imagine what MR can be.

GE MR Vision
Mark Stoesz
GE Global Marketing Premium Product Manager, Milwaukee, USA

From MR research to clinical practice

Martin Graves, PhD
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, United Kingdom

Experience using PET/MR in the radiotherapy department
Patrik Brynolfsson
Medical Physicist, PET/MRI Umeå University Hospital, Sweden

Fintry, level 3

Innovation for you. Innovation with you.

The benefits of Multiband acceleration  in ASL and functional MRI applications
Dr. Sue Francis
Associate Professor and Reader in Physics, Faculty of Science, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom

The expanding role of MRI in radiation therapy

Dr. Nico van den Berg
MRI Physicist and Associate Professor at University Medical Center Utrecht, the Netherlands

Sidlaw, level 3
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