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Networking @ ESMRMB 2016

Networking @ ESMRMB 2016: Let's help us create two fruitful events!

At our upcoming Annual Meeting in Vienna there will be two special events – and you can actively contribute to both of them!

1. Our "Meet the expert" networking event, or "all you ever wanted to know about MR, but were afraid to ask"

They say, there are no stupid questions, and it’s true! Ask about whatever you’ve never quite understood.

    obtain answers to your burning questions
    get into personal contact with well-known experts
    meet in a relaxed atmosphere and establish valuable contacts

Any ideas that come to your mind right away? Please share your questions with us now and our experts will be well prepared to answer them on-site! And anyway, just visit them at their desks, labeled with their topics!

 2. Our "Grant & Career Session“

Anything specific you want to know about applications, résumés, interviews, etc.? Tell us now what the panel should address and e-mail your thoughts to:
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