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Teaching Programme

Thursday, September 29
MR physics for radiologists (basic)
Basics of magnetic resonance and k-space
J. Leupold, Freiburg/DE
Basic MR sequences
B. Jung, Bern/CH

Functional kidney imaging with MRI (advanced)
Measurement of renal perfusion and glomerular filtration
A. Lundervold, Bergen/NO
Diffusion MRI of the kidney
M. Notohamiprodjo, Tübingen/DE

Zero-echo-time MRI: 'quick and silent' (advanced)
Short-T2 MRI
M. Weiger, Zurich/CH
Quiet MRI
D. Grodzki, Erlangen/DE

New developments in preclinical and clinical contrast-enhanced imaging (basic)
Current trends in contrast-enhanced MR
A. Bifone, Rovereto/IT
New developments using CEST agents
D. Longo, Torino/IT
USPIO and molecular imaging agents
F. Kießling, Aachen/DE

Metabolic imaging (advanced)
Quantification of subcutaneous and visceral adipose tissue as a novel marker for risk
J. Bell, London/UK
Relevance and approaches to quantification of hepatic steatosis
H. Hetterich, Munich/DE
Novel MR techniques and applications for metabolic imaging
F. Schick, Tübingen/DE

Functional neuroimaging techniques (advanced)
How to get the data
M. Donahue, Nashville/US
How to deal with the data
M. Chappell, Oxford/UK
How to use the data: from basic research to the clinics
S. Caspers, Jülich/DE

Friday, September 30
4D Flow imaging (basic)
Basic MRI principles and techniques for the analysis
of cardiovascular hemodynamics
P. Dyverfeldt, Linkoping/SE
Current and emerging clinical application: do flow patterns matter?
A. Frydrychowicz, Lübeck/DE
New Developments & Future Directions: Acceleration, Advanced Analysis, and Hemodynamic Biomarkers
M. Markl, Chicago/US

MRI in the presence of implants: how to address artifacts and safety concerns (basic)
Imaging in the presence of implants: artifact reduction
M. Nittka, Erlangen/DE
Safety and regulations for passive implants in MRI
J. Felblinger, Vandoeuvre/FR

Sparse sampling approaches (advanced)
Computational methods for fast imaging
M. Uecker, Göttingen/DE
Modern strategies for efficient MR parameter quantification
M. Doneva, Hamburg/DE


Neuro MRA (basic)

Technical aspects and developments
T. van Osch, Leiden/NL
Clinical applications of neuro MRA with and without contrast
R. Jäger, London/UK

Transforming MR spectroscopy into a clinical tool (advanced)
in collaboration with the European Marie-Curie Initial Training Network ´TRANSACT´
Challenges for push-button processing and quantification of MR spectra
C. Cudalbu, Lausanne/CH
Automated MR spectra classification for diagnostic support:
tools and applications
S. van Huffel, Leuven/BE
The role of MR spectroscopy in multiparametric diagnosis
of prostate disease
A. Heerschap, Nijmegen/NL

Saturday, October 1
Basic of machine learning (basic)
Theory: machine learning techniques for medical imaging
K. Bhatia, London/UK
Applications: manifold learning for tracking the changing connectome in the human brain
G. Langs, Vienna/AT


Arterial spin labeling in practice (advanced)
Technical considerations and implementation in brain tumour
and cerebrovascular disease

M. Smits, Rotterdam/NL
Clinical ASL in dementia and psychiatric disease
A. Bastos Leite, Porto/PT

RF pulse design (advanced)
Fundamentals of RF pulse design
D. Norris, Nijmegen/NL
Multidimensional RF pulses and parallel Tx
A. Sbrizzi, Utrecht/NL

Basics of multiband imaging (basic)
Multiband RF Pulse design
P. Koopmans, Oxford/UK
Accelerated multiband imaging:
image reconstruction strategies

M. Blaimer, Würzburg/DE
Accelerated multiband imaging:
killer applications

R. Nunes, Lisbon/PT

CEST: state of the art and beyond (combined)
Moderation and Introduction
P. van Zijl, Baltimore/US
3-O-methyl-D- glucose CEST MRI and PET/CT of different breast cancer models
M. Rivlin, Tel Aviv/ISR
Be prepared, stay tuned and keep’em separated – CEST MRI in the human brain at 9.4 Tesla
M. Zaiss, Tübingen/DE
Indirect detection of Lactate using CEST in muscle at 7T
J.-E. Meissner, Heidelberg/DE
Inhomogeneous magnetization transfer detection by dual frequency CEST spectroscopy
J. Breitling, Heidelberg/DE
Quantitative pulsed CEST-MRI at a clinical 3T MRI system
J. Stabinska, Düsseldorf/DE
Overall discussion and Conclusion
P. van Zijl, Baltimore/US
X. Golay, London/UK


Myocardial tissue characterisation,
T1, T2, T2*, DWI (advanced)

T1 and ECV mapping:
reliable biomarkers ready for prime-time?

P. Gatehouse, London/UK
Cardiac T2 and T2* mapping:
from the basics to the latest advances

R. Van Heeswijk, Lausanne/CH
Cardic DWI:
new frontiers of tissue characterisation

M. Viallon, Lyon/FR

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