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Student Support Programme

ESMRMB proudly announces its prestigious Student Support
Programme, which provides excellent students and specialists in
training with travel support grants (€ 200 each) as well as free
registration to the Congress 2016.

Eligible candidates for the Student Support Programme, will be
reviewed and selected by the ESMRMB President, Prof. Xavier Golay,
as well as the ESMRMB Scientific Programme Chair, Prof. Roland Kreis.

To be eligible for the Student Support Programme, students must
be enrolled in a fulltime undergraduate or graduate programme,
or be specialists in training in a clinical department.

Those aiming to be selected for this highly regarded programme
must not have obtained a doctorate (PhD), equivalent degree,
or medical specialisation before January 1, 2016.

Applicants are requested to submit:
• Application by email including full name and address
• Supervisor´s letter of recommendation
• Confirmation of eligibility for the student grant,
   preferably by a University administrator
• Curriculum vitae

The following criteria are used for awarding
the Student Support Programme for 2016:
• Membership with the Society
• Submission of abstract(s) to ESMRMB annual meeting
   - Accepted abstract(s)
   - First author of submitted abstract(s)
   - Presenter of submitted abstract(s)
   - Ranking of submitted scientific contribution(s)

Submission has been closed!
Thank you very much for your applications!

Terms of regulation

Please kindly note that registration fees can not be reimbursed.
In case you registered and balanced the registration fee for our Annual
Scientific Meeting in Vienna/AT before being accepted for the Student
Support Programme, ESMRMB will not refund any amount after
acceptance for the Student Support Programme.

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