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Welcome Message

"Servus" friends and colleagues,

it’s a great pleasure to invite everybody to our 33rd Annual Scientific
Meeting taking place in Austria’s beautiful capital Vienna. With
ESMRMB’s office located in Vienna and given that Vienna has hosted
our meeting once before, it is almost like welcoming you home.
We are sure you will feel at home also scientifically, no matter whether
your background is in medicine, the basic sciences or the technical
and engineering fields. We strive to offer a wide span of topics at
various levels to accommodate the different needs ranging from basic
education to staying up to date with the latest developments in your
specialty. One topic that will be offered at multiple levels and formats this
year will be the ways that machine learning, computers and quantitative
mapping techniques do and will influence and change our field.
One of our major aims is to offer you a platform to meet – to meet
your colleagues, to meet between specialties, but also to meet
between generations. Our intentionally limited number of five parallel
sessions, the compact conference site, our traditional highlights, like
the Hot Topic Debate, the Roundtable Discussion, and the Welcome
Reception are ideally shaped for a manageable size meeting though
still with a comprehensive scope.
Make ESMRMB your prime MR meeting in 2016! You may complement
the general science meeting with offerings in the School of MRI
(Body diffusion-weighted MRI) or the Lectures on MR (Basic and
advanced in-vivo MR spectroscopy) that will take place in Vienna
just before the Annual Meeting and maybe you have time to stay a
few days to enjoy the city and its cultural offerings.
Our Meeting will be centrally located near Vienna’s main attractions and
ESMRMB is looking forward to welcoming you there!

Xavier Golay              Roland Kreis                      Siegfried Trattnig

ESMRMB                       Chairperson                            Chairperson
President                            SPC                                        LOC
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Xavier Golay

Roland Kreis

Siegfried Trattnig

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