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Teaching Syllabus

All invited speakers have been asked to provide us with either the presentation or the list of bibliographical references of their talk.
Will be updated regularly!
Last update:October 16

Thursday, October 19
Imaging Methods for Microstructure
MR-Physics for Radiologists
Design and Implementation of RF Coil: Low and High Field Applications
Cardiac MRI
Getting to Grips with Cardiac MRI
Getting the Best out of 3T: Tips and Tricks

Friday, October 20
Data Mining in Big Data/Machine Learning
Quantitative MRI
MRI for Radiation Therapy
Imaging Cerebrovascular Reactivity
Personalized Medicine/MR-based Risk Stratification in Personalized Medicine

Saturday, October 21
CEST and Relaxation Enhanced MRI
Image Registration and Segmentation Algorithms
MRI Perfusion in Brain Lesions: Tips and Pitfalls
MRI Simulations: Technique and Tools
Basics of Contrast Enhanced MRI
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