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ESMRMB meets CSMRMB - State of the Art in Brain Imaging

The ESMRMB proudly announces the first joint ESMRMB meets CSMRMB session at the 34th scientific annual meeting in Barcelona! Join the session and gain from this interesting intercontinental scientific exchange.

Friday, October 20, from 13:50-15:20
Preliminary session outline

CSMRM contribution

Current status of Psychoradiology
Qiyong Gong, MD, PhD
(West China Hospital, Sichuan University)

Imaging biomarkers and computer-aided diagnosis system for Parkinson's disease
Minming Zhang, MD, PhD
(The Second Affiliated Hospital, Zhejiang University, School of Medicine)

CEST in central nervous system diseases
Meiyun Wang, MD, PhD
(Henan Provincial People's Hospital)

ESMRMB contribution
GlucoCEST of the Brain (title may change)
Mina Kim, PhD
(University College London)

Intracranial vessel wall imaging - state of the art
Anja van der Kolk, MD PhD
(Utrecht University Medical Center)

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