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Thursday, October 19

Imaging methods for microstructure (basic)

Microstructural tissue properties: basic concepts and measurements
G. Kiselev, Freiburg/DE
Diffusion imaging sequences
R. G. Nunes, Lisbon/PT

MR-physics for radiologists (basic)

MR image quality
P. Jakob, Würzburg/DE
Basic clinical sequences & tissue contrast
A. Nagel, Erlangen/DE

Design and implementation of RF coils: low to high field applications (basic)

RF coil design strategies for low to high field
B. Keil, Giessen/DE
Tips and tricks for building your own coil
A. Webb, Leiden/NL

Cardiac MRI (advanced)

Using cardiometabolic MRI to unravel the pathophysiology of obesity: a clinical approach
J. Prompers, Utrecht/NL
Advanced cardiac MRI in non-ischemic cardiomyopathies
G. Roditi, Glasgow/UK

Getting to grips with cardiac MRI (radiographer)

CMR: planes, sequences, triggering and gating
A. Fallon, Dublin/IE
Ischemic heart disease
M. Carlsson, Lund/SE
Congenital heart disease

Getting the best out of 3T: tips and tricks (radiographer)

Body imaging at 3T: tips and tricks
A. Cradock, Dublin/IE
MRA at 3T: tips and tricks
H. Kramer, Munich, DE
Fetal and neonatal imaging at 3T: tips and tricks
C. Malamateniou, London/UK

Friday, October 20

Data mining in big data/machine learning (basic)

Machine learning in cardiovascular image analysis
I. Isgum, Utrecht/NL
Machine learning in oncological image analysis
J. Schnabel, London/UK

Quantitative MRI (basic)

Quantitative relaxation time mapping
R. Deichmann, Frankfurt/DE
Quantitative susceptibility mapping
J. Reichenbach, Jena/DE


MRI for radiation therapy (advanced)

Benefits of MRI for radiation therapy
H.-P. Schlemmer, Heidelberg/DE
Combining MRI and radiation therapy: MR linac
B. Raaymakers, Utrecht/NL

Imaging cerebrovascular reactivity (basic)

Vasoactive challenges/protocols/methods for imaging cerebrovascular reactivity
M. Bright, Nottingham/UK
BOLD and ASL techniques for imaging cerebrovascular reactivity
E. T. Petersen, Copenhagen/DK
Clinical applications of cerebrovascular reactivity imaging
J. Hendrikse, Utrecht/NL

Personalized medicine/MR-based risk stratification in personalized medicine (advanced)

Recent technical developments and impact on personalized imaging strategies
M. Notohamiprodjo, Tübingen/DE
Imaging phenotyping, radiomics, and post-processing of MRI for personalized medicine
B. Menze, Munich/DE
Major prevention strategies in imaging for personalized medicine
A. van der Lugt, Rotterdam/NL

Saturday, October 21

CEST and relaxation enhanced MRI (basic)

CEST imaging: what is it and what is it for?
P. van Zijl, Baltimore, US
Relaxation enhanced MRI: principle and applications
P. M. Jakob, Würzburg/DE

Image registration and segmentation algorithms (basic)

Getting images in the right place: registration algorithms - challenges and pitfalls
S. Heldmann, Lübeck/DE
Information extraction: segmentation of medical images
H. Huisman, Nijmengen/NL

MRI perfusion in brain lesions: tips and pitfalls (advanced)

MRI perfusion imaging: technical tips and pitfalls
M. van Osch, Leiden/NL
MRI perfusion in brain lesions: clinical tips and pitfalls
R. Achten, Gent/BE

MRI simulations: techniques & tools (basic)

The ingredients of realistic and efficient MRI simulations
T. Stöcker, Bonn/DE
Phase graphs
M. Weigel, Basel/CH
Hardware-independent sequence prototyping
M. Zaitsev, Freiburg/DE

Basics of contrast-enhanced MRI

Technical basics and major clinical applications
S. Gatidis, Tübingen/DE
MR angiography
T. Leiner, Utrecht/NL
Dynamic contrast enhanced MR
S. Sourbon, Leeds/UK


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