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September 25-27, 2017
This course will be carried out on GE equipment

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Course Venue
University Hospital Leuven
PET-MR unit E601 and MIC (Medical Imaging Center)
Herestraat 49
3000 Leuven

Course Organiser
Koen Van Laere


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  • MR safety
  • PET radioprotection
  • General MR acquisition and processing
  • General PET acquisition and processing, radiopharmaceutical production
  • PET-MR in clinical brain imaging (dementia and brain tumours)
  • PET-MR in advanced brain imaging (including receptor imaging and advanced MR (DTI, rsfMRI, PWI,..)
  • PET-MR in clincial oncology - FDG+DWI
  • PET-MR in clinical oncology - non-FDG tracers (including 68Ga, 18F and 11C tracers)

Learning objectives
Upon completion of the course, all participants should be able to:
  • acquire the knowledge of optimal PET-MR protocols enabling examination of oncology and brain disorder patients
  • acquire working knowledge of MR safety and PET radioprotection to operate a PET-MR scanner
  • perform PET-MR studies in oncology patients in different areas of the body and to understand how to alter sequence parameters to avoid artifacts and optimize the image acquisitions
  • perform PET-MR studies in patients with brain disorders, including basic and advanced acquisitions (DTI, fMRI, PWI…)
  • get practical hands-on knowledge of how to operate the GE Signa PET-MR, import and modify workflows
  • get practical hands-on knowledge of basic and advanced (eg. DTI, fMRI, PWI…) processing on GE AW stations
  • understand the role of PET-MR imaging in patients with dementia and brain tumours
  • understand the role of PET-MR imaging in whole-body oncology using FDG and non-FDG PET tracers
  • understand the role of contrast agents and radioligand kinetics in simultaneous PET-MR imaging and get a working understanding of brain receptor imaging and multiparametric imaging using PET-MR


There is no actual conflict of interest to report as the below mentioned conflicts are only potential.
The following person has indicated a potential conflict of interest: Dr. Koen van Laere.

Please find the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Forms of the Scientific Organising Committee here:

Dr. Jonathan McNulty

Dr. Koen van Laere

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