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October 18-20, 2018
This course is carried out on GE equipment

Course Venue
Erasmus University Medical Center
The Netherlands

Course organiser
Esther Warnert

Preliminary Programme
Click here to view the preliminary programme.

Preliminary Faculty
S. Bruininks, S. Dezonie, J.A. Hernandez-Tamames, J. McNulty, E. Oei, S. Ramman, D. Roose, M. Smits, A. van der Lugt, E. Warnert, P. Wielopolski

Learning Objectives

  • To learn the advantages of 3 Tesla for anatomical imaging
  • To learn the advantages of 3 Tesla for advanced functional/physiological imaging
  • To learn and experience the practical ins–and-outs of 3 Tesla scanning
  • To get an idea about the MRI physics  at 3 Tesla scanning
  • To learn and practice post-processing of physiological MRI techniques (diffusion, perfusion, spectroscopy)


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