Dear Colleagues,

The Picture Gallery has been created in order to save and share your memories from any of the scientific and educational activities of ESMRMB you have participated in.

This newly developed tool allows you to browse easily through the gallery and to download and/or print pictures for free. Selected pictures can be saved in "MyBasket" and can also be sent via E-mail to your friend(s).

Please choose the event of your interest:

ESMRMB Congress 2017 - Barcelona/ES

ESMRMB Congress 2016 - Vienna/AT
ESMRMB Congress 2013 - Toulouse/FR
ESMRMB Congress 2012 - Lisbon/PT

ESMRMB School of MRI 2008
ESMRMB School of MRI 2009

ESMRMB School of MRI 2010
ESMRMB School of MRI 2011
ESMRMB School of MRI 2012

ESMRMB European MRI Academy - Middle East 2010