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Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine (MAGMA)

Special Issue on Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance

Cardiovascular MR (CMR) is a hugely successful imaging modality with great clinical impact. It is the standard of reference imaging modality for assessment of cardiac structure and function, and offers a unique window into myocardial metabolism and energetics. It is routinely used in thousands of hospitals and imaging centers worldwide. Yet at the same time the field faces challenges to reduce examination times, improve robustness to cardiac and respiratory motion artifacts, increase spatial resolution, and limit the use of contrast agents.

To address these challenges and to highlight the rapid advances and clinical value of CMR, MAGMA is planning a special issue on "Cardiovascular MR", to be published in 2017. For this special issue we are soliciting state-of-the-art contributions on:

- strategies and techniques to accelerate cardiovascular MR, including both software and hardware approaches
- advances in cardiac and respiratory motion correction
- advances in parametric mapping and tissue characterization of the heart and vascular system, including native or non-contrast enhanced approaches and vessel wall imaging
- advances in cardiovascular MR at ultrahigh field
- advances in functional imaging, including 4D flow imaging
- cardiovascular metabolic assessment using MR techniques

The special issue aims to showcase recent advances in the CMR field in manuscripts describing original research and short-communications, as well as in state-of-the-art review papers. We explicitly encourage a multi-disciplinary approach with attention to a good mix between basic science and clinical applicability. 

Contributions should be submitted no later than February 1st, 2017 (and preferably sooner), through the web-based submission system ( Please indicate in the cover letter that you are submitting the manuscript “for inclusion in the special issue on Cardiovascular MR”.

MAGMA special issues are widely read and heavily referenced. This is your chance to publish your most recent results. We look forward to your contributions.

Tim Leiner (University Medical Center Utrecht)
Gustav Strijkers
(Academic Medical Center Amsterdam)
Special Issue Guest Editors

Patrick J. Cozzone
MAGMA Editor-in-Chief

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