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Membership application and renewal for 2017 is available here!

In case you have already obtained an ESMRMB ID from an existing membership or ESMRMB course or congress, registration, please enter via our MyUser Area, and click on MyMembership.

If you wish to become a member of the ESMRMB and do not have an ESMRMB ID, please login to our MyMembership Area and click on "start new ESMRMB membership application." The system will guide you through all required steps.

Furthermore all membership, course and congress confirmations and invoices, the ESMRMB Membership Directory, access to our Online Journal MAGMA as well as the option to change your personal data are available on the MyUser Area !

If you do not know your PersonalID, please send an email to

Membership Renewal/Application 2017

Make sure to activate your ESMRMB membership 2017 before registering for an ESMRMB educational course programme or the ESMRMB Annual Scientific Meeting 2017 in Barcelona/ES.

The membership is valid until the end of the calendar year (December 31, 2017) and thus has to be renewed in the "MyUser Area" under "MyMembership" every year by the member her/himself.