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ESMRMB 2013 Congress

Congress venue
Pierre Baudis Congress Centre
11 Esplanade Compas Cafarelli
BP 88517
31685 Toulouse cedex 6

Local Organising Committee
I. Berry, Toulouse/FR (Chairperson)
J.-F. Bonneville, Bordeaux/FR
A.K. Bouzier-Sore, Bordeaux/FR
P. Celsis, Toulouse/FR
M. Clanet, Toulouse/FR
P.J. Cozzone, Marseille/FR
J.M. Franconi, Bordeaux/FR
C. Sans, Toulouse/FR
N. Sans, Toulouse/FR

Scientific Programme Committee

X. Golay, London/UK (Chairperson)
C. Barillot, Rennes/FR
R. Beets-Tan, Maastricht/NL
P. Gowland, Nottingham/UK
M. Forjaz Secca, Lisbon/PT
A. Henning, Zurich/CH
M. Paley, Sheffield/UK
D. Sappey-Marinier, Bron/FR
M. Smits, Rotterdam/NL
M. Stuber, Lausanne/CH
S. Sunaert, Leuven/BE
S. Trattnig, Vienna/AT
C. Vandulek, Kaposvár/HU

Please click here to download the Scientific Programme at a glance.

Highlights of the Programme

Sir Peter Mansfield Lecture
Population imaging for disease prevention
G. Krestin, NL

30th Anniversary Session

Plenary Sessions

Imaging techniques and applications in cardiac MRI
Of mice and men: Translational atherosclerosis imaging
A. Phinikaridou, UK
MRS and MRI in the metabolic syndrome
A. de Roos, NL
MRI: The current and future gold standard for perfusion imaging
J. Schwitter, CH

Imaging baby brains

Fetal MR imaging technique
P. Griffiths, UK
Functional MR imaging of the fetal brain
V. Schöpf, AT
The developing brain
J. Dubois, FR

MRS: A natural application for high field imaging
Ultra high field MRS and MRSI in brain and body
D. Klomp, NL
Hyperpolarised and 13C enriched MRS to study metabolic turnover rates
R. Gruetter, CH
Functional 1H MRS at ultra-high field
S. Mangia, USA

Hot Topic Debate

Is resting state fMRI clinically relevant?
Moderator: R. Achten, BE
Proponent: M. Walter, DE
Opponent: S. Williams, UK

Roundtable Discussion
Multi-transmit for body MRI – is it worth the money?
Moderator: P. Börnert, DE
Panellists: J. Hajnal, UK
               S. Haneder, DE
               C. Glaser, DE

The ESMRMB meeting has been accredited with 18 hours of European external CME credits by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) and with  28 credits by EFOMP.
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