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EU Commission announces postponement and amendment of EMF Directive

The ESMRMB welcomes the European Commission's announcement made on October 26 that it will postpone and amend legislation which would pose a serious threat to the use of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in patient welfare and scientific research.

The EU Physical Agents Directive 2004/40/EC (EMF) is to be delayed by four years until 30th April 2012 to allow time for a substantive amendment to be adopted. According to the Commission “the future amendment" will aim to ensure that limits will not have an adverse effect on the practice of "MRI” and it will recommend to Member States to put the transposition of the current Directive on hold.
ESMRMB is a supporting member of the Alliance for MRI, launched by the
European Society of Radiology during ECR 2007 in order to avert the serious threat posed
by EU health legislation to the clinical and research use of MRI.

Click here for the statement of the Commission and the relevant press release of the Alliance for MRI.
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